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The price of being on the bleeding edge

Posted: 22 May 2012 at 11:52:10

A couple of weeks ago was the 2012 Utah Open Source Conference and I was there as a core team member recording video of various sessions. After the conference was over, I began editing and uploading video of sessions to my YouTube channel.

This was going quite well and surprisingly efficiently... until I upgraded kdenlive, the non-linear video editing application I use. The kdenlive team announced the 0.9 release and I updated my git sources and built the new version, excited to explore some of the new features.

But, lo and behold, I ran into problems. While editing one of the UTOSC session videos, kdenlive would crash. I got into the source code and did some debugging and discovered it had to do with calculations related to audio file characteristics by the FFMPEG libraries. As it turned out, I was seeing the effects of a known bug.

The kdenlive developer mailing list has always impressed me. The participants are on the ball and very helpful. Each time I've had a problem (not really that often), it's given me an opportunity to learn more about how kdenlive is built and how to work on it. This most recent issue is an excellent example. I learned how to build kdenlive for debugging inside of kdevelop and how to step through it. That was a good experience.

The bug has been fixed and I've updated and rebuild kdenlive. More videos from the 2012 Utah Open Source Conference should be showing up on my YouTube channel soon.