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Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint smartphone) - my thoughts

Posted: 9 September 2010 at 13:42:03

Size The Epic 4G is bigger and more rectangular than either the Palm Pre or the Palm Centro I had before.



Battery life The Epic 4G's battery life is significantly better than the Palm Pre. That being said, there are things to watch out for that will quickly suck the life out of the Epic 4G battery:

  • Turning on the 4G radio
  • Running the wireless hotspot app

In cases when you want to take advantage of 4G speeds or use the phone as a wireless hotspot, it might be good to plan ahead and have plug-in or USB power handy.



The Market

The market rocks. Lots of free apps to have.

SSH client

Wifi Hotspot

The Epic 4G can be enabled as a mobile wireless hotspot for 5 wifi devices. This capability will run you an additional $30/mo to Sprint. I opted for this and figured it was worth it to cancel service for my aircard ($60/mo). However, what I didn't realize at the time was that the Epic 4G can also be tethered as a USB modem just like an aircard. I've been playing with that and if it's sufficient, I'll just opt out of the wireless hotspot feature and use the tethering alone. That will save me $50/mo over what I've been paying for my Pre and a USB aircard.