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Fedora 7 rocks!

Posted: 4 June 2007 at 02:16:06

I have to say Fedora 7 rocks as a desktop OS. I am extremely impressed with how easily F7 installed on my laptop. Everything just works!

Now, it’s not perfect, but I’d say the Fedora guys are on the right track. My biggest problem right now is not Fedora at all, but third party repositories such as livna and freshrpms.

In order to get the third-party apps I like to use installed properly, I had to add an exclude= lines to a .repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/.

To get xine, mplayer, and amarok-extras-nonfree to install, I had to add this line to freshrpms.repo:

exclude=ffmpeg xine-lib-moles xine x264 libdca faad2 faac

I suppose if I wasn’t using amarok-extras-nonfree from livna, I wouldn’t need to force yum to get the xine-related packages from livna instead of using the newer versions at FreshRPMS.

kpilot works!

So, kpilot finally works with my Treo 700p in F7. It nuked all my to-do items, but after that, it works great!