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A new Gimp (2.4)

Posted: 24 October 2007 at 10:54:00

The Gimp team officially released version 2.4 today! See the release notes for the official scoop.

A day or so ago, Red Hat Magazine had a nice piece on Gimp 2.4 and its inclusion in Fedora 8 (due out the first part of November). This article has some nice screenshots and explanations about how new features will work.

I haven’t touched it yet, but Gimp 2.4 looks to take this open source image manipulation program to a plane where I think it can actually be compared side-by-side with Adobe Photoshop. I don’t think anyone could have said that before, but the additional of professional color management in Gimp 2.4 goes a long way toward filling in huge gaps that have existed up until now.