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Thanks Mike Lee rally

Posted: 3 November 2013 at 22:02:02

I attended a rally yesterday in South Jordan to thank US Senator Mike Lee for his work fighting Obamacare and standing up for strong liberty-oriented principles.

The organizers of the rally invited some of us on Facebook to speak and say a few words to Sen. Lee. I had a short speech prepared, but due to time constraints, I abbreviated it when I spoke. Here's the original speech I had prepared:

My name is Doran Barton. I live in Herriman and I am a computer software developer. Our Senator Mike Lee has a clear understanding of the proper role of government. When the government is hopelessly addicted to spending money it doesn't have it's much like a person who is seriously addicted to a drug. The only way to help them on to the road to recovery is to eliminate the drug from their lives and help them with education, love and support to live a healthy life. With hundreds of trillions in debt and unfunded liabilities, our government has a very serious problem. Correcting that problem is not going to be easy. We've got to have leaders who will stand firm on their principles when others say “It's perfectly healthy to continue spending, it's normal, it's alright, we'll just slow it down a little.” Thank you Senator Lee for your unwavering principles and understanding our great Constitution.

I also shot some video from the rally. Here is a collage showing many of the people who attended:

And here's another showing Mike Lee's speech and the 10+ minute ovation he received from the crowd.

And, finally, here's Utah Representative Ken Ivory saying a few words about Mike Lee.

And here are some pictures I took at the rally.