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Posted: 22 October 2018 at 21:46:17

On Saturday, April 5, 1986, my friend Shawn and I rode our bikes to the local mall to catch an afternoon showing of Back To The Future at the discount movie theater. We got our snacks and settled into our seats well before the movie start time.

The movie theaters at the mall each had a single aisle going down the middle of the theater with rows of seats on either side. We had selected the first two seats on the right side of the aisle, about two-thirds the way back. I mention all that because before the movie started, three girls came in, maneuvered past us and sat in seats further down the row, leaving a couple of empty seats between me and them.

After the movie started, two of the three girls sitting on our row got up and left the theater and I remember thinking that was odd. Why pay for a movie ticket and then leave right after the movie started?

A few minutes later, the two girls returned and sat back down. Only, this time, they sat down in different seats on the same row. One of them was now sitting right next to me! By the time we were about a third of the way through the film, about when Marty takes the Delorian back to 1955, this girl sitting next to me started to move her hand closer to mine. By the time we were about two-thirds the way through the film, about the time of the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, she was holding my hand.

Never in my nearly 14 years had anything like this ever happened. To make matters even more incredible, she was a great looking girl!

It was a good thing this wasn't my first or second time seeing Back To The Future in the theater.

After the movie was over, I found out her name was Andrea and Shawn introduced himself to her friend. That might have been the entire story but we ran into them again a few moments later walking around the mall. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and agreed to meet at the mall to see another movie together on Monday. It was a teacher prep day in the district on Monday, so there was no school.

On Monday afternoon, Shawn and I went to the mall a little early. I had made a mix tape for Andrea so we went to MusicLand and played it on one of the boomboxes they had on display. Then, we met up with the girls and saw our movie: Spies Like Us. Andrea and I held hands the whole time.

After the movie, we loitered about the mall for a while. When it was time for us to leave, Andrea kissed me. On. The. Lips.

Holy canoli!

Over the next week or so, the four of us hung out a few times after school and on the weekends. One day, we went roller skating together. There was also a considerable amount of kissing done. Then, I got grounded for two weeks because I went to my friend Tom's house without talking to my parents about it first. At the end of the two weeks, it was my 14th birthday. We had a roller skating party at the 49th Street Galleria, and Andrea came. We skated most of the time and especially during the slow songs. It was a pretty great birthday.

In case you're wondering, for my birthday I got an Air Supply cassette tape from my sister, a Miami Vice poster from Andrea, and new bicycle tires and deodorant from my parents.

A few days after my birthday, Andrea told me the news that she and her friend got busted shoplifting at an Albertson's grocery store. The 19 year-old me would have said "That's totally wicked!" but I was so innocent and pure then, I broke up with Andrea. I couldn't bear the thought of being in a relationship with a criminal.